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Deeper Connect Mini - DPR Miner & VPN

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How to install your DPR Miner

Internet the way it meant to be

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Plug-N-Play with Zero Configuration


The design concept of Deeper Connect is true plug-and-play with zero configuration. The installation process is so simple even grandparents can do it in 5 seconds. Users only need to plug in two ethernet cables to gain access to a free, secure, and private Internet. There is no need for users to be aware of its existence afterward.


Easy To Setup

3 Ways to Set Up:

A. Cable Outlet -> Deeper Connect -> Laptop (only applicable to laptop computers with Ethernet ports, or to be used with a USB to Ethernet adapter)

B. Modem -> Deeper Connect -> Router

C. Integrated WiFi Modem All-in-One -> Deeper Connect -> Router (requires an additional standalone WiFi router)

In the Decentralized Private Network (DPN), each device serves as both client and server and their IP address will be automatically changed based on their routing rules. Deeper Connect can establish up to 16 tunnels to other nodes all over the world. By default, they will be established in the US, Europe, Singapore, and China.


Consider Alice (Germany) who wants to access US Netflix. Her device will automatically borrow Bob’s residential IP address (US) to avoid being geo-blocked. At the same time, Tom’s device in China will be borrowing Alice’s IP address (Germany) to access YouTube. This of course is a huge and dynamic network composed of thousands of Alices, Bobs, and Toms, which allows every user to browse the internet without restrictions and bypassing firewalls and censorship, all automatically done by Deeper technology.



Comparing with traditional VPN,  DPN has the following advantages:

  • No centralized servers; the network cannot be taken down.
  • Users have control over their own data; encrypted and secured.
  • Democratic Internet that ensures net neutrality; censorship-resistant.
  • High-speed Internet connection without bottlenecks. 


    Smart routing refers to the automatic configuration of network routing based on data stream characteristics, and whether to transmit through a tunnel. IP address will be changed based on the user routing rules and tunnels will be established to the US, EU, SG and CN by default.

    If a user wants, for example, to access Youku while in the USA, the Deeper Connect will automatically create a smart route through China. However, the user has the option to define a smart route through India (for whatever reason). Conversely, if a user in China desires to access Netflix, a smart route will be established automatically through the USA, but he/she has the option to define a smart route through Canada instead (perhaps because of his subscription or preference of regional show availability).


Deeper Connect is a smart secure gateway that offers enterprise-grade cybersecurity with 7 layers of deep packet inspection; a sleek interface allows for visualization of all online activities happening on the network.

Deeper Connect can protect all your IoT devices as a secure gateway between your home and the external Internet. It will protect all your home devices such as PCs, smartphones, and security cameras from online threats. Our product has been designed by top-level network security and distributed systems experts. The company's core technical team are veterans from Google, Palo Alto Networks, VMware, and other industry-leading companies.


Say goodbye to all those annoying ads. Deeper Connect's powerful network security features can deeply filter user network traffic and effectively block ads, trackers, and malware across the entire network for all your devices.


Users will be able to view how many trackers have been blocked by Deeper Connect. Normally These trackers follow, record, store, and repackage your internet history and then sell it to third parties. Every time you browse, someone else is taking notes. The more they know about you the easier it is for these companies to trigger certain reactions with ads or any other content for purchasing or other purposes. Deeper Connect protects you from these trackers.


We know you care about the well-being of your kids, and you want to make sure they are not exposed to adult or violent content when they are on the internet. 

Aligning with your values and in concordance with our fair and transparent internet vision, we offer simple and effective parental control, by which a single click from you will enable/disable a filter for pornography content websites. 


The Deeper Connect dashboard allows you to visualize in real-time the multi-tunneling capabilities of our device. You will see a pictorial representation of all the tunnels that have been either automatically set by the system or chosen by you (remember that you can establish up to 16 tunnels worldwide).

Deeper Connect also has a seven-layer traffic scanning function that allows you to visualize real-time traffic usage. Whenever there are programs running and using network data, the flow usage will be reflected in the flow page of the device management interface.



We do not own any centralized servers as every Deeper Connect is in essence a server and a client. All these devices distribute around the world to communicate and share bandwidth with each other.

Every user can set a limit to the amount of bandwidth he/she wants to share with other users. One advantage is that users can receive credits for sharing their bandwidth to later exchange them for Deeper Network services, which include monthly software updates. This form of sharing economy has the advantage to benefit the users who contribute to the sharing, without the need of a middle man mediating the transactions or charging fees.