Deeper connect mini

We are happy to inform customers that purchased the Deeper Connect Mini, they will receive their order within the next week! After a longer than expected transition from customs we were able to send out all batch one orders today with no problems.

Here is the link where you can register your Deeper Connect Mini on to the blockchain.

We recommend to watch these videos to learn how to to register your devices and get started with your Deeper Connect Mini. 

Nebra Products

Regarding Nebra products we have been told that they will be able to ship some units in the coming weeks so we can start to fulfill orders in the order we received them. When they arrive we will work to get those out as fast as possible.

We know its been a frustrating time to wait on Nebra products and we ensure you that we are doing our very best to get them here as soon as possible.

The good news is, Nebra have been catching up with their backlogg of orders, after production delays and huge demand they are starting to fulfill some of their orders. 

We thank you customers for your patience and loyalty while we strive to bring some of the newest tech products to Europe. It has been a challenging and exciting journey with learning curves for all involved. As this year draws to a close MIIA Tech is looking to expand, more exciting products are just on the horizon. Stay tuned!



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