The peoples network.

What if we the people, could really take back the internet? Right now giant corporations own the servers that power the internet, meaning they have all the power.
What the Internet has become was not the initial plan. Right now AI is working overtime feeding you information, collecting data to the benefit of these large corporations.
The Internet has done so much for the advancement of communication in society making many aspects of life better but as time has gone, the paradigm has shifted and the giant corporations have taken advantage for too long.
We at MIIA Tech dont like the idea of so few having so much power. We want to bring change in the future and want to give the power back to the people. We have to take our identity back on the Internet!
We're all in this together. Changing the way society uses the Internet is up to society itself. As we move closer to connectivity the understanding of how we can apply IoT is vastly improved. Everything is becoming more connected to the internet, self driving cars, home improvement systems and a host of other applications in the business world. You may ask how we can take back the Internet?
The Helium Networks. This is "The Peoples Network" powered and built by you, me and your neighbors. This is one of the beautiful things about The Helium Network, we are the ones who maintain and build it so everyone around can benefit from it. This Is the start of us taking back our Internet. MIIA Tech is ready to do our part to help rebuild the internet. The question remains, are you?


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