Start Your Crypto Journey

MIIA lets you get ahead in the crypto space and provides you with the latest crypto technology. Blockchain keeps finding new ways to be used and solves many problems, we have just scraped the surface. Let us at MIIA inspire you to take action and own a piece of the new internet, start hosting a miner at your home. Helping all of us to enjoy a more fair and secure internet that is built for the people.

Why It’s Important To Start Now

Back when no one knew what Bitcoin was, some people were out there and had miners going that made over 10 Bitcoin per day. Back then it wasn’t a lot but we know that mining 10 bitcoin today is another story all together. So being early is a key factor, get a hold of as many coins as possible in new projects that will develop well into the future. Bitcoin has been realised to be outdated with slow transaction speed, high fees and of course high use of electricity. New crypto projects have entered the scene with better and more optimised blockchains.

Green Crypto Is The Future

If crypto is ever to going replace our daily use of fiat and shut down the outdated ways of transactions, we need a more sustainable way to create and maintain these blockchains. The older ways of crypto mining are through computing power, the more powerful the computer, the more coins are mined. This has led to higher energy consumption in the industry as the older miners use upwards of 2000watts to run but don’t worry this isn’t the end of crypto. With these new revolutionary crypto miners it has it made possible to mine with low energy consumption while supporting IoT or Web3. Watch this video to see how easy it’s to get started with these new, silent green miners.